The Diminishing Quality of Ontario’s Universities: Can the System be Fixed?
Published: 31/10/2011  4:18 PM
The following remarks were delivered by HEQCO President and CEO Harvey Weingarten on October 18 at the C.D. Howe Institute. Talk to the C.D. Howe InstituteHarvey P. WeingartenPresident, Higher Education Quality Council of OntarioToronto, OntarioOct ...[Read more]

What is an innovative university?
Published: 11/10/2011  9:59 AM
I participated in a panel on “Innovative Universities” as part of a workshop on innovation held in September at the Perimeter Institute.  Two questions posed to panel members were:  (i) “What does an innovative university look like?” and (ii)   “D ...[Read more]

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