Open Data

HEQCO is c​​ompliant with the Ontario government’s Open Data Directive, which pursues government efficiency, effectiveness and innovation through transparent access to data. The Open Data initiative also supports public engagement and participation by allowing Ontarians to develop their own analysis, insights and digital products.

Below are active data sets that HEQCO creates, collects and manages. For the full Ontario government data catalogue, including the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, click here​.

HEQCO’s Open Data Inventory​​

Canadian Postsecondary Performance: Impact 2015

This data set includes provincial postsecondary system outcomes for each province along three dimensions and 34 indicators. Access indicators include overall and equitable access to higher education; value to students indicators include the student experience, affordability and learning outcomes; while value to society indicators include job creation, innovation and citizen engagement. Last Updated: 2015

Performance Indicators 2013

This Ontario data set is based on four broad domains of performance indicators: access, quality, productivity and social impact. Last Updated: 2013

Quick Stats

A compendium of data on Ontario’s postsecondary education system, with data on applicants, enrolment, student experience, graduates, graduation outcomes, teaching faculty and tuition. This data is updated periodically as it becomes available. Last Updated: 2019