Reporting Learning Outcomes & Skills

Approaches to communicating graduates’ knowledge and skills (outside or as part of a traditional transcript) and supporting students’ competency articulation

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Data Visualization

Queen’s Tool / User Guide for Visualizing Data

How visualizations can help with interpreting and promoting the use of data.


University of Waterloo’s webpage ‘ePortfolios Explained: Theory and Practice’

University of Waterloo on e-Portfolios and how they are used in assessment.

University of Waterloo’s webpage Examples of student’ ePortfolios

How Waterloo students are using ePortfolios for career preparation.

NILOA Paper ‘Using ePortfolios to Document and Deepen the Impact of HIPs on Learning Dispositions’

The benefits of using ePortfolios to document student participation in high-impact practices (HIPs).

Digital Badges

Educause’s Where Badges Work Better

The promise and problem of digital badges.

North Carolina State University’s Seven lessons learned from implementing micro-credentials

Considerations for integrating micro-credentials into professional learning.

Co-Curricular Records

College Quarterly’s The Co-Curricular Record: Enhancing a Postsecondary Education

The introduction of the co-curricular record to encourage student engagement beyond the classroom.

NILOA’s The Student Transformative Learning Record at the University of Central Oklahoma: A Commitment to Improving Student Learning

The University of Central Oklahoma’s approach to capturing the development of the whole student.