Quick Stats

How many Ontario high school students applied to the province’s colleges and universities during the last decade? How many enrolled? How many graduated? Find the answers to these and other good questions in Quick Stats, a compendium of data on Ontario’s postsecondary system.

Section 1 ― Applicants

The number of applicants to Ontario’s colleges and universities.

Section 2 ― Enrolment

Information on who enrols, based on institution type, degree and program choice, as well as international students.

Section 3 ― Student Experience

Tracking the satisfaction levels of students.

Section 4 ― Graduates

Exploring graduation numbers by program, credential and field of study.

Section 5 ― Graduation Outcomes

Graduation and employment rates for Ontario students.

Section 6 ― Teaching Faculty

The number of teaching faculty at Ontario colleges and universities.

Section 7 ― Tuition

Tuition fees at Ontario colleges and universities.