Webinars are one of the many ways HEQCO engages and shares research and expertise with the postsecondary education community. The focus of our webinars is on the field of learning outcomes and includes presentations on assessment methods, language, faculty engagement, student experiences and rubric adaptation. Our webinars feature experts in postsecondary consulting, from PSE institutions across Canada and the U.S., the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. Videos are available for you to watch and slides are available to be downloaded. Make sure to sign up for the HEQCO mailing list to be made aware of future webinars.

Webinar Series 3 — ​​​​​​​​Learning outcomes assessment in practice: A conversation

HEQCO’s third webinar series continues the conversation on skills development and assessment with a focus on the practical, real-world implementation of tools and programs to measure quality of student learning. How can we support students’ skills development through work-integrated learning experiences? How can we adapt rubrics as a reliable and valid means to assess authentic […]

Webinar Series 2 — ​​​​​​​​The challenges of assessing learning outcomes in higher education

​A focus on learning outcomes has the potential to modernize teaching and learning across the province. But learning outcomes are only meaningful if they are measurable and this is no simple task. Creating a positive culture of assessment among faculty, assessing what students learn outside of the classroom and measuring students’ ability to think critically […]