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From essays to learning portfolios, there’s a growing number of ways to assess learning outcomes. In the third HEQCO webinar on learning outcomes assessment in higher education, Lori Goff  (manager of program enhancement at McMaster University) asked the audience, “Which types of assessments do you primarily use in your course?” and listed a variety of assessment methods that provide direct evidence of meaningful application of learning (i.e., authentic assessments).  With more attention being cast on learning portfolios as a summative assessment tool, it will be interesting to see if the popularity of this method increases over the next few years.

Note: This graph is based on the responses of 69 webinar participants from over 40 universities, colleges and other organizations across North America. Respondents were asked to select all of the authentic assessment methods that were being used in their teaching practices.
Source: HEQCO Webinar, May 28, 2015 – Building a better toolkit

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