Learning to Earning: Higher Education and the Changing Job Market

About the Conference

HEQCO’s international conference explores postsecondary education’s role in preparing students for the world of work.


Thanks to Ian Hartlen and Adrian Philp, recent graduates from the Master of Public Policy Program at the University of Toronto, for their work in summarizing the conference.

Day One | Thursday, November 1, 2012
Breakfast Keynote
Kevin Lynch, BMO Financial Group

Session 1A | Forecasting tomorrow’s skill needs and labour market returns

Session 1B | Returns across postsecondary pathways

Session 2A | Labour market outcomes for colleges and university students

Session 2B | Field of choice in the labour market

Lunch Keynote
Mark D. Milliron, Western Governors University

Session 3A | Work-integrated learning across colleges and universities

Session 3B | The colleges and university undergraduate experience

Session 4A | Employer and student expectations/experiences

Session 4B | The graduate student experience

Day Two | Friday, November 2, 2012
Breakfast Keynote
Rob MacIsaac, Mohawk College

Session 5A | Institutional supports for learning and labour market outcomes

Session 5B | Under-represented cohorts and pathways to the labour market

Session 6A | Innovative practices and alternative pathways

Session 6B | The perils of a professional degree

Lunch Keynote
Ian Shugart, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Session 7A | Skill development and succeeding in the labour market

Session 7B | The importance of Arts and Humanities

Closing Plenary | What does the future hold?

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