It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode five with Bobby Watt

Welcome to the latest episode of ItsNotAcademic – the podcast, education conversations from HEQCO. In anticipation of our Rethinking Access conference we have explored many dimensions of access on this podcast, but one area we have not yet discussed is the skilled trades. The trades are often left out of conversations about postsecondary education, despite the demand and opportunities that are available to students.

Bobby Watt is a keynote speaker at the Rethinking Access conference and president of RJW-Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. He is an expert in the conservation of historic buildings, including a project on Canada’s Parliament buildings. He is also an educator who helped establish the stonemasonry program at Durham College and the Guild Institute, the training facility of the Canadian Guild of Stone and Restoration Masons.

In this episode of the podcast, Bobby talks about his fascinating personal journey into the trades and how he sees the current opportunities for students.
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Voices from HEQCO’s Rethinking Access conference, taking place April 19 and 20

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