It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode seven with Tim Fricker

Welcome to the latest episode of It’sNotAcademic: the podcast – education conversations from HEQCO. Enrolment rates at Canadian universities and colleges have gone up considerably over the past two decades. That’s the good news. But, for a whole host of reasons, not all students who enrol in a degree or diploma program successfully complete it. Postsecondary institutions have started to turn their attention to boosting retention rates. They offer a variety of programs and services to support students, like transition and orientation programs for first-year students, mentoring programs and academic-support classes.

Since 2012, Mohawk College has teamed up with the Education Policy Research Initiative to test and evaluate strategies aimed at improving student retention. In today’s episode we look at what Mohawk has learned, and how the research has influenced the way the college supports its students. To read more about Mohawk’s recent work on student retention click here.

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