It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode two with Mehnaz Tabassum

Access to postsecondary education remains a challenge for many students and research has shown that financial considerations are just one part of the equation. In our new episode of It’sNotAcademic: The Podcast, we continue to explore the issue of access and why certain groups — such as first generation students, those with disabilities, low-income students, indigenous students and those whose first language is not English — are under-represented in our universities and colleges. We talk to Mehnaz Tabassum, student success advisor at Centennial College. In her current role at Centennial and previously at Pathways to Education, Mehnaz has worked to reduce barriers that can prevent students from moving on to postsecondary and succeeding while there. Hear Mehnaz talk about her experiences growing up and how they helped shape the work she does. You can subscribe to the ItsNotAcademic podcast on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud or subscribe via RSS.

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Voices from HEQCO’s Rethinking Access conference, taking place April 19 and 20

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