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Women in Academia

Welcome to the Women in Academia Project HEQCO is pleased to announce the release of a multi-part research project designed to explore current and historical gender disparities among faculty in Ontario universities. Despite advocacy efforts, collective bargaining, targeted funding and legislation, gaps in representation, promotion and earnings for women academics persist. These inequalities are especially […]


HEQCO Skills Consortium Ontario’s labour market is unpredictable — as are student pathways into and through it. Many graduates of Ontario postsecondary education programs find themselves working in different careers or sectors than the one they planned on when they began their journey. While HEQCO can’t predict every job-specific skill that students will require after […]


Research Study on a Knowledge Exchange Network for Exemplary Teaching in Ontario Higher Education

Research Summary:​ Research Study on a Knowledge Exchange Network for Exemplary Teaching in Ontario Higher Education explores how knowledge exchange networks for exemplary teaching can help Ontario’s higher education sector be a leader in identifying, promoting, and applying exemplary teaching practices. The paper analyzes existing research and current models of knowledge exchange, makes recommendations for […]

Student Course Evaluations Research Models and Trends

Research Summary: Student Course Evaluations: Research, Models and Trends represents the first review and summary of existing research on student course evaluations from a Canadian perspective. The study aims to capture and synthesize the key issues and findings regarding the validity and utility of student course evaluations from the substantial body of scholarship in this […]

The Nexus of Teaching and Research

Research Summary: The Nexus of Teaching and Research: Evidence and Insights from the Literature provides a high-level review of the existing literature on the connection between teaching and research and provides recommendations for next steps and future research options for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). This paper demonstrates that there is little […]