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Guest Bloggers Jackie Pichette

Closing Education Attainment Gaps with the Power of Connected Data

A new coalition — the Hamilton Community Research Partnership — provides a model for collecting and connecting data to track and improve long-term student outcomes in Ontario. Authors: Jackie Pichette, Director, Policy, Research and Partnerships (HEQCO) and Lorraine Valmadrid, Learning and Evaluation Lead (Hamilton Community Foundation) The Hamilton Community Research Partnership (CRP) is a coalition […]


The Impact of School Closures and Emergency Remote Learning on Postsecondary transitions in 2020/21: Findings from Toronto

The Impact of School Closures and Emergency Remote Learning on Postsecondary Transitions in 2020/21: Findings from Toronto was written by Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Robert S. Brown with George Tam and Christine Corso in collaboration with the research department of the Toronto District School Board. TDSB student applications and confirmations to postsecondary institutions increased during the […]

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Lena Balata and Ken Chatoor — Fostering a Culture of Care: Proactive and Inclusive Mental Health in Postsecondary Institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has had the dual effect of negatively impacting student mental health while also disrupting the delivery of mental health supports. These dueling challenges come at a time when postsecondary institutions are working to shift their approach to mental health support from reactive to proactive. A proactive model is one built to engage, […]

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Victoria Barclay and Ken Chatoor — BIPOC student support professionals doing anti-racist work need support too

Substantial evidence shows that racism in Canada has worsened in recent years. In addition to alarming rises in hate crimes in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal, there has also been a particular rise in anti-Asian hate that is disproportionately affecting younger Asian Canadians. Recent events such as the discoveries of mass graves […]

Guest Bloggers Jackie Pichette

Jackie Pichette, Dua Abdelqader and Mona Eghanian — Unlike cars, microcredentials won’t drive themselves

Microcredentials are a form of focused learning with the potential to respond to both the modern hiring needs of employers and the training needs of adults looking to advance or pivot in the labour market. At HEQCO, we define them as being tied to short learning opportunities that are focused on a discrete set of […]

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Jennifer Han – Shifting the Access Framework of Higher Education: Benefits of a Strength-based Lens

Our perceptions are shaped by the way information is presented to us. This applies everywhere, including postsecondary education (PSE) where the dominant perspective often positions certain groups of students through a deficit framework. Deficit thinking uses a blame-the-victim way of attributing student failures to individual, family or community traits and approaches student difficulty through a […]


Women in Academia

Welcome to the Women in Academia Project HEQCO is pleased to announce the release of a multi-part research project designed to explore current and historical gender disparities among faculty in Ontario universities. Despite advocacy efforts, collective bargaining, targeted funding and legislation, gaps in representation, promotion and earnings for women academics persist. These inequalities are especially […]

Career Opportunities

Research Intern May 16, 2022 Company: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario Phone: (416) 212-3893 E-mail: hr@heqco.ca Website: www.heqco.ca Description of the organization: The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) is an agency of the Government of Ontario that brings evidence-based research to the continued improvement of the province’s postsecondary education system. As part […]

Freedom of Speech

Ontario Campus Free Speech Policy The Minister of Colleges and Universities announced on August 30, 2018 that publicly funded colleges and universities must by January 1, 2019 develop, implement and comply with a free speech policy that meets the minimum standard set by the minister. The objective of the Ontario Campus Free Speech Policy is to ensure […]