Emotional Intelligence Interventions to Increase Student Success

Research Summary:

Unable to cope with the transition from secondary school to postsecondary school or the new pressures of first year, a number of students at Ontario’s universities and colleges withdraw before they graduate.  What leads them to leave is still under discussion.  One possibility is that they lack what are called emotional and social competencies that are often linked to academic success and retention.  

Emotional Intelligence Interventions to Increase Student Success was a project undertaken at Fleming College that aimed to improve the emotional and social competencies of first semester students through the modification of a Technology Career Essential course.   

About the Authors:

Barbara Bond is a full time Professor of Psychology at Fleming College (and a part time instructor for the Psychology Department at Trent University).  Ms. Bond has published six research papers on the topic of emotional intelligence and academic success and has presented the same topic at numerous conferences, invited addresses, and workshops including the International Conference of the First Year Experience, the American Psychological Association, and the Canadian Psychological Association.

Rose Manser is a full time Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Fleming College with previous experience as a Counsellor at Fleming College and other community programs.  She has authored and co-authored two course publications dealing with building emotional intelligence skills, as well as counselled and taught emotional intelligence skills for almost 25 years to a wide variety demographic populations.  ​