Measures of Student Engagement in Postsecondary Education

Research Summary:

Prepared by CCI Research Inc. for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, Measures of Student Engagement in Postsecondary Education: Theoretical Basis and Applicability to Ontario’s Colleges provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues related to the construct of student engagement, including: (1) a summary of the theoretical underpinnings of student engagement in postsecondary education, (2) a description of the working definitions of student engagement in the current literature, and (3) a comprehensive review of the engagement-related survey instruments currently used in postsecondary education in Canada and internationally with a focus on the application to Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario. 

The material presented in this report informs the reader of the available literature with a view to providing the information and references required for a broad-based consideration of the construct of student engagement and its measurement in a postsecondary context. Results of an extensive literature search and summarized relevant research articles, websites, presentations, and reports are provided in a standalone annotated bibliography, which is available under a separate cover. 

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About the Author:

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