HEQCO conducts and commissions studies and evaluations, often in partnership with Ontario’s colleges and universities, on key issues in accessibility, quality and accountability. Various organizations and individuals have considerable and valuable expertise in postsecondary education research. The research publications below reflect this collaboration with some of the best thinkers on issues related to higher education. Join our mailing list and keep current with the latest HEQCO research.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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@ Issue Paper No. 3 : “What About the Boys?” An Overview of Gender Trends in Education and the Labour Market in Ontario

Summary: Females are outnumbering males in application rates, enrolment and attainment rates at Ontario’s colleges and universities, which begs the question, are males becoming under-represented in Ontario’s postsecondary education landscape? “What About the Boys?” An Overview of Gender Trends in Education and the Labour Market in Ontario provides an overview of gender patterns in participation, […]

@ Issue Paper No-2-1 Encouraging Participation Trends in Pathway

Trends in Pathways to Postsecondary Education​ Summary: The first, in a three part series, this paper examines a number of OECD jurisdictions, mainly the UK, Switzerland and Germany, and their strategies to enhance participation in and movement within education systems. It looks specifically at how nations encourage participation by individuals, businesses, industries, and local governments […]

@ Issue Paper No 2-2 A Fine Balance

Supporting Skills and Competency Development​​​​​ Summary: The second in a three part series, this paper examines issues related to the development of skills, competencies, and knowledge and the labour market issues faced by skilled graduates. It draws on the experiences of the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States. Like many jurisdictions around […]

@ Issue Paper No 2-3 Signalling Abilities and Achievement

Measuring and Reporting on Skill and Competency Development Sommaire : The third in a three part series, this paper examines initiatives designed to measure and report on acquisition of skills and competencies. It looks specifically at how various jurisdictions have developed common definitions when stating expectations about learning outcomes, transparency in communication of goals and […]

Academic Transformation The Forces Reshaping Higher Education in Ontario

Report Research Summary: The book is available for purchase at (English only). The thesis of this book is that the present approach to the provision of baccalaureate education in Ontario is not sustainable and is in need of significant modification. The stage for the present approach was set by two higher education policy decisions that were […]

Emotional Intelligence Interventions to Increase Student Success

Research Summary: Unable to cope with the transition from secondary school to postsecondary school or the new pressures of first year, a number of students at Ontario’s universities and colleges withdraw before they graduate.  What leads them to leave is still under discussion.  One possibility is that they lack what are called emotional and social […]