HEQCO conducts and commissions studies and evaluations, often in partnership with Ontario’s colleges and universities, on key issues in accessibility, quality and accountability. Various organizations and individuals have considerable and valuable expertise in postsecondary education research. The research publications below reflect this collaboration with some of the best thinkers on issues related to higher education. Join our mailing list and keep current with the latest HEQCO research.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Research Study on a Knowledge Exchange Network for Exemplary Teaching in Ontario Higher Education

Research Summary:​ Research Study on a Knowledge Exchange Network for Exemplary Teaching in Ontario Higher Education explores how knowledge exchange networks for exemplary teaching can help Ontario’s higher education sector be a leader in identifying, promoting, and applying exemplary teaching practices. The paper analyzes existing research and current models of knowledge exchange, makes recommendations for […]

Student Course Evaluations Research Models and Trends

Research Summary: Student Course Evaluations: Research, Models and Trends represents the first review and summary of existing research on student course evaluations from a Canadian perspective. The study aims to capture and synthesize the key issues and findings regarding the validity and utility of student course evaluations from the substantial body of scholarship in this […]

The Nexus of Teaching and Research

Research Summary: The Nexus of Teaching and Research: Evidence and Insights from the Literature provides a high-level review of the existing literature on the connection between teaching and research and provides recommendations for next steps and future research options for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). This paper demonstrates that there is little […]

Access Persistence and Barriers in Postsecondary Education

Research Summary: In Access, Persistence, and Barriers in Postsecondary Education: A Literature Review and Outline of Future Research, the Educational Policy Institute (EPI) provides an overview of the current research on access to, and retention within, postsecondary education systems. It also provides recommendations about how access to higher education in Ontario can be monitored and […]

Institutional Student Financial Grants in Ontario

Research Summary: In Institutional Student Financial Grants in Ontario, the Educational Policy Institute (EPI) analyzes the type and amount of financial assistance provided to students by Ontario universities and colleges. EPI uses quantitative data obtained from postsecondary institutions through a nationwide survey, supplemented with qualitative interviews with key financial aid officials at institutions across Ontario. […]

Producing Indicators of Institutional Quality in Ontario Universities and Colleges

In Producing Indicators of Institutional Quality in Ontario Universities and Colleges: Options for Producing, Managing and Displaying Comparative Data, the Educational Policy Institute (EPI) assesses the information needs of Ontario’s postsecondary system, what types of comparative quality indicator data are currently available, and how an effective common higher education data architecture could be structured. EPI […]