The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario employs a multifaceted research approach in fulfilling its mandate.  HEQCO develops policy recommendations and publishes reports and other publications that inform the postsecondary education-interested community in Ontario, Canada and around the world. Specifically, HEQCO:

  • Conducts and commissions studies and evaluations, often in partnership with Ontario’s colleges and universities, on key issues in accessibility, quality and accountability.
  • Produces research that synthesize the most current data and research – providing postsecondary decision-makers and the general public with critical insight and information on emerging trends in postsecondary education.
  • Evaluates the post-secondary education system and makes the results of these evaluations available to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and to the public.

HEQCO’s research approach is inclusive, bringing together researchers and practitioners from across the sector through major projects, expert discussion papers, conferences, workshops and colloquia.