By bringing together partners from across the higher education sector, HEQCO’s consortia projects explore complex issues such as international education, access for underrepresented groups and skills assessment from a range of perspectives. Through more than 20 individual research projects, HEQCO makes connections between the experiences of students and postsecondary institutions and government policy.

Past consortia have looked at strategies for improving access and retention rates, particularly for underrepresented students, and the various tools for measuring and assessing essential skills like critical thinking and communication. HEQCO has two active consortia projects. The first is a group of eight postsecondary institutions in Ontario examining the acquisition, development and articulation of transferable skills. The second brings together postsecondary institutions and researchers and key stakeholders to better understand and improve international education in Ontario.

Details on individual projects, any available research findings to date and contact information for members are available on the specific consortium pages.

Consortium on International Education

HEQCO has established a research consortium to engage higher education stakeholders to develop evidence-based research projects and share findings that will inform policies and practices around international education in Ontario. The consortium will examine various issues within international education, including but not limited to, the accountability of international student recruitment and admission processes; community partnerships […]

HEQCO Skills Consortium

Ontario’s labour market is unpredictable — as are student pathways into and through it. Many graduates of Ontario postsecondary education programs find themselves working in different careers or sectors than the one they planned on when they began their journey. While HEQCO can’t predict every job-specific skill that students will require after graduation, we can […]


One of HEQCO’s more extensive research undertakings was the development of two separate research groups: the Learning Outcomes Assessment Consortium (LOAC) and the Access and Retention Consortium (ARC). Both are tied to key areas of HEQCO’s research and sought out new avenues of system improvement. More details on the many different ARC and LOAC projects […]