Consortium on International Education

HEQCO has established a research consortium to engage higher education stakeholders to develop evidence-based research projects and share findings that will inform policies and practices around international education in Ontario. The consortium will examine various issues within international education, including but not limited to, the accountability of international student recruitment and admission processes; community partnerships that support international student success; PCC program quality assurance and oversight; relationship between credential and labour market; relationship between credential and immigration pathway/status during and after PSE.

The goal of the consortium is to address the following questions:

  • How can institutions, communities, and government support quality, accountability and sustainability of international education in Ontario?
  • How can government and institutions support the transition of international students to successful labour market outcomes and immigration?

More details about the specific projects and the institutions involved can be found below.

Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)

Interventions that Work: Strengthening Supports for International Student Labour Market Participation and Retention in Ontario

The Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University and Medow Consulting

Project Title: Ontario International Students’ Experiences in Postsecondary Studies and Work

Fleming College

Mapping Program to Labour Market Success for International Students and Graduates: Community Focus, Ontario Impact

Higher Education Strategy Associates Inc.

Assessing Models for Regulating International Education Agents

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

PSE Pathways and Outcomes of International Students in Ontario

University of Toronto

International Students’ Growing Presence in Private Career Colleges: A Landscape Analysis of Policy and Practice