Research Plan

​​​​Strategic Direction 2017-2020

A high-quality postsecondary education system should provide Ontarians with the greatest opportunities for social mobility and economic success; act as a magnet to recruit the best talent to Ontario; create and support a robust economy and jobs grounded in an increasingly competitive, knowledge-based, global economy; improve opportunities for regional, economic and social development; and foster an engaged, socially-aware and civic-minded Ontario population.

Ontario requires a talented and highly-educated citizenry; enhanced entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity; and discoveries, insights and new knowledge. Because of the students they educate, the discoveries and innovations they foster and the communities they support, these outputs of Ontario’s colleges and universities are instrumental to the future success and prosperity of Ontario.

HEQCO’s evidence-based research is focused on finding solutions to the pressing challenges facing higher education. Through sustained engagement with leaders in the sector, HEQCO continues to explore the pathways to critically important student and system outcomes. As the only organization of its kind in Canada, HEQCO is building on the vision that led to its creation in 2005.

By increasing its partnerships and affiliations with world-leading higher education and research organizations, HEQCO helps Ontario harness the best thinking available on issues relevant to postsecondary education. These global relationships also benefit the many communities of practice that have emerged through our first decade.

As part of our planning process, HEQCO has identified critical, long-term (2025) goals in access, quality and system design for the improvement of Ontario’s postsecondary system.  Following are the goals, supported by shorter-term strategies and tactics that must be accomplished to achieve those goals.

Our goals in access, quality and system design

HEQCO envisions an Ontario postsecondary system that offers equitable access and success for all students but especially those who are underrepresented in higher education, that ensures a high-quality student experience and is more sustainable, innovative and productive.​

Past Research and Business Plans

HE​QCO produces an annual plan that summarizes its proposed research priorities and projects for the coming fiscal year. Coupled with HEQCO’s annual Performance Indicators Report, the two documents replace the former Annual Review and Research Plan.

Business Plan 201720Business Plan 201619Business Plan 201518
Research Plan 2013-14Research Plan 2012-13Third Annual Review and Research Plan
Second Annual Review and Research PlanResearch Plan 2007

These fact sheets provide highlights from each chapter:

Human CapitalAccessibilityEducational Quality
AccountabilitySystem Design
Third Annual Review and Research Plan