The Journey of Ontario Apprentices: From High School to the Workforce and Diving into the Trades: An In-depth Look at 10 Apprenticeship Programs in Ontario

The Journey of Ontario Apprentices: From High School to the Workforce was written by Ken Chatoor and Amy Kaufman; Diving into the Trades: An In-depth Look at 10 Apprenticeship Programs in Ontario was written by Ken Chatoor and Sarah Brumwell ​The Journey of Ontario Apprentices: From High School to the Workforce Diving into the Trades: […]

Destreaming in Ontario: History, Evidence and Educator Reflections

Destreaming in Ontario high schools should be expanded to all core subjects in Grades 9 and 10 Ontario is the only province in the country that separates students into academic and non-academic streams as early as Grade 9. Evidence from both Ontario and international contexts has shown this practice disadvantages many students, especially racialized and […]

Improving the Accessibility of Remote Higher Education: Lessons from the pandemic and recommendations

New study examines how COVID-19 pandemic has amplified challenges for students with disabilities and offers recommendations for improving accessible remote learning The sudden shift to remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has important implications for accessibility in postsecondary education. A new study from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) finds that, on […]

Improving Numeracy Skills of Postsecondary Students: What is the Way Forward?

Universities, colleges have role to play in teaching numeracy skills, report argues Teaching numeracy skills shouldn’t be the sole purview of the province’s primary and secondary schools; colleges and universities also have a role to play, concludes a new report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). The report, Improving Numeracy Skills of […]

David Trick Jackie Pichette

David Trick and Jackie Pichette — Creating pathways, removing roadblocks

Ontarians with a university or college credential earn more, on average, than those without, and they tend to lead longer, healthier lives. This is why, over the years, Ontario has implemented policies aimed at increasing educational attainment, and part of the reason why the province’s postsecondary attainment rate is among the highest in the world. […]

High School Success and Access to Postsecondary Education

Barriers to completing high school, attending college diminishing for underrepresented groups: study Coming from a low-income neighbourhood or a family where neither parent attended postsecondary education are not significant barriers to graduating from high school and attending college. However, they are still strong influences on who attends university, concludes a new report published by the […]

Postsecondary Participation and Household Income

Ontario has seen improvement in postsecondary participation of low-income students, study finds  A cross-Canada comparison of student financial aid policies over 20 years found that relative to other provinces (excluding Quebec), Ontario was one of only two provinces to have seen substantial improvements in postsecondary attendance rates of students from all income levels. Ontario also […]

Early Supports for Accessing Postsecondary Education: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

Report calls for a focus on K-12 levels to imp​rove postsecondary access for underrepresented groups Not everyone will choose to pursue a university or college education. However, for the vast majority of those who do, the first step along that pathway begins with successfully completing high school. As a result, interventions to support at-risk and […]

Lifelong Learning in Ontario: Improved Options for Mid-career, Underserved Learners

Report calls on Ontario PSE institutions to introduce programs for displaced workers, adult learners As Ontario’s economy continues to undergo rapid change, the province’s colleges and universities will need to introduce new short-term, flexible training programs that cater to the needs of displaced workers and other adult learners, recommends a new report by the Higher […]