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Jessica Rizk and Amy Kaufman – Lessons from COVID: What the PSE sector can learn from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced postsecondary institutions, faculty, staff and students to adapt quickly and without an instruction manual. From the emergency shift from face-to-face to remote learning, to the financial vulnerability of some institutions, to concerns about mental and physical health in the face of prolonged physical distancing, this is a moment in history unlike anything we’ve seen […]

Improving Numeracy Skills of Postsecondary Students: What is the Way Forward?

Universities, colleges have role to play in teaching numeracy skills, report argues Teaching numeracy skills shouldn’t be the sole purview of the province’s primary and secondary schools; colleges and universities also have a role to play, concludes a new report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). The report, Improving Numeracy Skills of […]

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Sarah Brumwell and Jackie Pichette — Behind the numbers: How students are using a free skills-training platform

In 2017, the Ontario Government purchased three years of blanket access to the self-service online learning platform (now LinkedIn Learning) for the province’s public colleges and universities. eCampusOntario, tasked with managing the licence, partnered with HEQCO to evaluate the potential for this investment to help address perceived skills gaps among Ontario’s postsecondary students. As part of […]

Jackie Pichette Other HEQCO Staff

Jackie Pichette and Rosanna Tamburri — An agile system of lifelong learning is needed now more than ever

Measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 have left the economy reeling. Employment in Ontario fell by a record 403,000 jobs, or 5.3%, in March from February, according to Statistics Canada. The province’s unemployment rate rose to 7.6%, up from 5.5%, the largest monthly increase on record.* No one could have predicted the severity of the COVID-19 […]

Gendered Returns to Cognitive Skills in Canada

Higher earning workers derive greater benefit from skill levels than lower paid counterparts Canadian workers who hold higher paying jobs derive greater benefit from having higher literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills than those at the lower end of the wage spectrum, according to a new report published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario […]

Evaluating Platform Usage: An Analysis of 2018–19 User Data

80,000 postsecondary students, faculty and staff made free use of library in 2018–19 About 80,000 Ontario postsecondary students, faculty and staff took advantage of free access to a library of video tutorials provided by during the 2018–19 school year, according to a report that analyzed usage data on the online learning platform owned […]

Great Divide or Small Fissure? A Comparison of Skills, Education and Earnings across Standard and Non-standard Workers

Higher skill and educational levels lead to greater job security, higher earnings Canadian workers with higher levels of education are more likely to be employed in permanent, full-time jobs while those with higher literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills are likely to earn more money, according to a new report examining the relationship between skills, educational […]

Lifelong Learning in Ontario: Improved Options for Mid-career, Underserved Learners

Report calls on Ontario PSE institutions to introduce programs for displaced workers, adult learners As Ontario’s economy continues to undergo rapid change, the province’s colleges and universities will need to introduce new short-term, flexible training programs that cater to the needs of displaced workers and other adult learners, recommends a new report by the Higher […]

Postsecondary Education Metrics for the 21st Century

Time to introduce new postsecondary performance metrics, report argues Ontario’s postsecondary education system would be best served by a set of performance metrics that would measure, among other things, the skills students acquire during their studies, the link between programs and job success, and institutional financial performance, argues a new paper by the Higher Education […]