Understanding the Determinants of Academic Success in Apprenticeship Programs at Mohawk College

Research Summary: ​Mohawk College study explores apprenticeship pathways and outcomes A new HEQCO study explores apprenticeship pathways at Mohawk College, which offers the largest variety of apprenticeship programs in Ontario. The study,  Understanding the Determinants of Academic Success in Apprenticeship Programs at Mohawk College , finds that regardless of the type of apprenticeship program, apprentices take five […]

Non-Traditional Postsecondary Education Pathways of Adult Learners in the Toronto District School Board: Evaluating the Influence of Individual and Neighbourhood Characteristics

Research Summary: Adult learners overwhelmingly plan to attend college, but far fewer actually enroll Like many school boards, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) offers continuing education options to assist adult learners as they develop the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue postsecondary education (PSE). A new study from the Higher Education Quality Council of […]

Returning to High School in Ontario Adult Students Postsecondary Plans and Program Supports

Research Summary: Adult high school students aiming for higher education Most adults return to high school because they want to pursue postsecondary education, according to a new study from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). The most often cited reasons for going back were the need for a better paying job, to train […]

Non-Traditional Pathways to Postsecondary Education: A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Students in College Preparatory Programs

Research Summary: Students Benefit from College Preparatory Programs College preparatory programs help students who are interested in attending postsecondary education (PSE) but may lack the admission requirements or have been away from school for an extended time and need additional skills development. A new study published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) […]

Strategies for Supporting Youth Education: A Snapshot of Early Intervention Programs in Ontario

Research Summary: Early Intervention Programs Should be Tailored to Specific Needs of the Community Community-driven early intervention programs provide youth with the resources, support and information necessary to complete high school and transition into postsecondary education (PSE). These programs can be an effective tool in boosting PSE participation, particularly for groups less likely to pursue […]

@ Issue Paper No. 14 Disability in Ontario: Postsecondary education participation rates, student experience and labour market outcomes

Research Summary: Numbers up but students with disabilities still face challenges in postsecondary education The number of students with disabilities at Ontario’s colleges and universities has increased in recent years but they still encounter barriers into, through and after postsecondary education (PSE), according to a synthesis of current research from the Higher Education Quality Council […]

Understanding Student Attrition in the Six Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Colleges

Changing Career Goals Most Common Reason for Students Leaving College Early While there is a wide range of reasons why students leave college before completing their program, a new study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) finds that the most common factor influencing their decision is a change in career goals. Immediately […]

The Student Success Program From Pilot to Implementation

Research Summary: Student Success Programs May Improve Grades, Show Limited Impact on Retention and Satisfaction Programs aimed at supporting the academic and social needs of first-year students, often known as student success programs, are designed to help students thrive during the difficult transition into postsecondary education (PSE). A new study by the Higher Education Quality […]

College-to-University Transfer Arrangements and Undergraduate Education Ontario in a National and International Context

Research Summary: College-to-university transfer: 2 + 2 = potential savings for students and government Students who transfer from college to university to complete their undergraduate degree are likely to save themselves and the government money, and they often earn grades equivalent to students who go directly into university from high school, according to a new […]