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Evidence of declining literacy among Canadian university graduates lends urgency to academic reform – Ian D. Clark

At HEQCO’s November Learning to Earning Conference, UBC labour economist Craig Riddell presented the results of his research with David Green on literacy skills, recently published as “Ageing and Literacy Skills: Evidence from Canada, US and Norway.” The findings are alarming and support the concern that David Trick, Richard Van Loon and I expressed in […]

Harvey P. Weingarten

Postsecondary education: Pipe dream or prerequisite? Ask a plumber.

One of the most ubiquitous and powerful arguments made by advocates of greater investment in higher education is that a postsecondary education is instrumental to economic success, for both the individual and the public.  The public and governments appear to have accepted that 70-80 per cent of future jobs will require some postsecondary credential and […]