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Lisa Philipps, Joseph Turcotte and Leslie Nichols – The downsides of postsecondary co-op work placements

Canadian higher education is entering a new age of “work-integrated” learning. More and more students are seeking a co-op placements, internships or other hands-on work experience as part of their postsecondary program. Long present at community colleges, universities are now also moving into this space, and policy makers are urging them to do more. The […]

Maximizing Opportunity, Mitigating Risk: Aligning Law, Policy and Practice to Strengthen Work-integrated Learning in Ontario

Legal confusion presents challenges for expanding work-integrated learning opportunities As experiential education and work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities expand across Ontario and the rest of Canada, a new paper by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) cautions that a lack of clarity on a number of WIL legal issues is becoming increasingly challenging for […]

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HEQCO – Hunting for Good WIL: Put quality before quantity

Work-integrated learning (WIL) and experiential education (EE) are hot topics.  This focus has been amplified by recent recommendations from the Business Council of Canada and the Ontario Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel, as well as reinforced by comments from the Premier, that 100% of postsecondary students should have at least one WIL or EE […]

Harvey P. Weingarten

Harvey P. Weingarten – Experiential education: Let there be evidence

The Business Council of Canada has added its voice to the now ubiquitous call for the expansion of postsecondary experiential education. The general direction and intent of the recommendations are sound, although we worry about the capacity to find meaningful experiential education opportunities for all students.  HEQCO and others have long argued the benefits of […]

A Practical Guide for Work-integrated Learning: Effective Practices to Enhance the Educational Quality of Structured Work Experiences Offered through Colleges and Universities

New guide helps practitioners enhance the quality of work-integrated learning opportunities Work-integrated learning (WIL) is becoming increasingly popular in higher education; almost half of Ontario’s postsecondary education students will take part in some form of co-op, placement or internship by the time they graduate. A new guide from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario […]

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David Trick – Taking Apprenticeship Seriously

David Trick, Guest blogger Having occasionally chided my friends at universities and colleges for not knowing enough about each other’s systems, I should confess to one of my own blind spots: I have not paid enough attention to apprenticeship.  For historical and institutional reasons, apprenticeship in Ontario is often seen as being outside the realm […]

Work Integrated Learning in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector The Pathways of Recent College and University Graduates

Work-integrated learning benefits students’ careers – but some benefit more than others Internships, field placements, co-op and other forms of postsecondary work-integrated learning (WIL) help college and university students clarify their career interests and get jobs relevant to their education and career ambitions, according to a new report from the Higher Education Quality Council of […]

Martin Hicks

Martin Hicks – Wrenches and scalpels

I was thinking about this fall’s HEQCO conference “Hands on: Exploring apprenticeship and the skilled trades.”  We are broadening our focus to embrace pieces of the postsecondary mosaic beyond public colleges and universities, and the conference is but one manifestation.  And yet, even as we do so we are aware of a trade off (pun […]

Fiona Deller

Fiona Deller – Ontario the attainment chart-topper — except in the trades

We can puff out our chests with pride. The most current OECD numbers show that Canada still tops the charts for postsecondary attainment — number one in college attainment, number one in overall attainment for 25 to 64 year olds. And Ontario’s at the top of the heap in both college and university attainment for […]