Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Online Program to Help Co-op Students Enhance their Employability Skills

Employability skills enhanced in University of Waterloo professional development courses Co-op students at the University of Waterloo who take online professional development courses to enhance their employability skills are generally positive about the value and relevance of the courses, according to a new study from the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQCO). And based on employer […]


On our Radar – A HEQCO intern reflects on (her) internships

On Our Radar features HEQCO staff and guest bloggers offering their unique perspectives on trends, new ideas, and hot-button issues in higher education. The opinions are those of the authors. My fellow interns: if you haven’t noticed already, we’ve become media darlings as of late (who says twenty-something CEOs get all the fun?). Unpaid working […]

The University of Waterloo and Work-Integrated Learning: Three Perspectives

Research Summary: Waterloo Students Benefit Academically and Professionally from Co-op Involvement The University of Waterloo operates the largest postsecondary co-op program of its kind in the world, and a new report from Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) finds that Waterloo co-op graduates feel they benefit academically and professionally and are more satisfied than […]

Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector The Experience of Ontario Graduates

Research Summary: Student survey says postsecondary co-op, internships improve employability skills Internships, field placements, co-op and other forms of postsecondary work-integrated learning (WIL) help Ontario college and university students gain practical work experience, enhance their résumés, improve employability skills and determine their fit with a potential career, according to a new study from the Higher […]


Daniel Edwards – Learning to Earning: perspectives from Downunder

I have been working on a large international project with a colleague from HEQCO for the past year or so and have been fascinated hearing about the work that goes on in the higher education space in Canada, and particularly Ontario. So when an opportunity to visit Toronto and participate in the Learning to Earning […]

Work-Integrated Learning and Postsecondary Graduates: The Perspective of Ontario Employers

Research Summary: New HEQCO survey: Employers want graduates with relevant work experience One of the first things employers look for when hiring graduates of Ontario’s colleges and universities is relevant work experience, according to a new study from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). The lesson for students: from summer jobs to volunteering, […]

Faculty Experiences with and Perceptions of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) in the Ontario Postsecondary Sector

Research Summary: Faculty who are involved in WIL more likely to support its growth Work-integrated learning (WIL) – or co-operative education, internships, work placements and apprenticeships – is becoming more widespread in today’s colleges and universities as a way to better integrate learning and work.  Faculty with WIL experience say that even more of it […]

Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector

Research Summary  Postsecondary work/learn programs align student skills with changing labour market Whether it is co-operative education, apprenticeships, service-learning placements or internships, work-integrated learning (WIL) can help Ontario colleges and universities respond to rapid change in the Ontario labour market. A recent Ipsos Reid survey found that almost a quarter of Ontarians with some postsecondary […]