Women in Academia

Welcome to the Women in Academia Project

HEQCO is pleased to announce the release of a multi-part research project designed to explore current and historical gender disparities among faculty in Ontario universities.

Despite advocacy efforts, collective bargaining, targeted funding and legislation, gaps in representation, promotion and earnings for women academics persist. These inequalities are especially prevalent in male-dominated disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Using the most current quantitative data about faculty earnings and appointments, as well as qualitative data from over 50 interviews with women graduate students and faculty in STEM disciplines, the Women in Academia Project examines the representation, remuneration and experience of women faculty at Canadian universities.

Research Reports


“It’s not perfect, but the needle has moved”:
Women’s Experiences in Academic STEM

In this qualitative report, we examine the personal
experiences of women academics in STEM. This study
is unique in the Canadian context because it incorporates
the perspectives of current and former graduate students
as well as faculty.

Canadian Academia and the
Faculty Gender Gap

In this report, we introduce our project and provide background and context for subsequent explorations of the gender gap in appointments, promotion, earnings and experience of women faculty at Ontario universities.

Gendered Trends in Ontario University Faculty Employment

This research report examines trends in the representation of women in full-time university faculty positions in Ontario using Statistics Canada data, providing interactive visualizations that allow readers to explore the work on their own in new and unique ways.

Additional Resources

Trends in the Gender Pay Gap at Ontario Universities

This research brief examines disparities in faculty salaries across disciplines and illustrates that earning gaps for women faculty persist in most situations. Given recent trends, this earning gap is not likely to decrease much — if at all — in the near future.

Women’s Career Transitions and the Leaky Pipeline in Ontario Universities

This research brief examines changes in the prevalence of women throughout the academic pipeline, from undergraduate study to the full professor rank, highlighting transitions where women are discontinuing their academic progress, or where there are “leaks” in the academic pipeline.